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Experiments with hot water bottles  Hot Water Bottles: how to lift a person on water / how to lift a person of air
Experiments with rope  Rope: how to remove the rope without taking his hand out of his pocket
Experiments with bolts  Bolts: how to undo a rusty bolt / how to rethread a worn bolt
Experiments with doughnuts  Doughnuts: how to chop a doughnut into 13 pieces with three cuts
Experiments with doors  Doors: how to make a door wail / how to make a door into a sawdust trap
Experiments with candles  Candles: how to lift a cup with a candle / how to make an edible candle
Experiments with spanners  Spanners: how to use an oversight spanner / how to pick up the spanner without using any implement or walking on the carpet
Experiments with coins  Coins: how to catch coins / how to pass a coin through a small hole
More experiments with coins  More Coins: how to make two coins into three / how to make a coin spherical 
Experiments with bottles  Bottles: how to fire corks from bottles / how to balance an empty bottle on a rope
Experiments with knitting needles  Knitting Needles: how to push a knitting needle through a bag of water / how to push a knitting needle through a balloon
Experiments with needles  Needles: how to make a seesaw with a needle and a candle / how to thread a needle twelve times
Experiments with balloons  Balloons: how to move a mug of water by balloon / how to push a knitting needle through a balloon
Experiments with crisp packets  Crisp Packets: how to burst open a crisp packet / how to shrink the crisp packet

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