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  Experiments in the Office 

Paperclip Experiments Paper Clips: how to join paperclips without touching them / how to levitate a paper clip
Pencil Experiments Pencils: how to make a pencil jump / how to bend a pencil / how to weigh a person down with a pencil
Plastic Cup Experiments Plastic Cups: how to get one ball in the bottom of each cup / how to make a giant ball out of paper cups
Sugar Lumps Experiments Sugar Lumps: how to make a sugar lump penetrate wood / how to make things jump out of a cup of tea
Writing Experiments Writing: how to write backwards / how to copy a letter without using a photocopier
Postcard Experiments Postcards: how to walk through a postcard 
Book Experiments Books: how to pull off the book / how to find a word in a book
Paper Experiments Paper: how to make paper
Ink Experiments Ink: how to find what ink is made of / how to make an ink volcano

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